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-== CNMV == 
-'''Product:''' Herramienta de descarga y visualización de informes IPP. [http://www.cnmv.es/ipp/Herramienta_XBRL_Web/Entidades_IPP.aspx http://www.cnmv.es/ipp/Herramienta_XBRL_Web/Entidades_IPP.aspx] 
== CoreFiling == == CoreFiling ==
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-== EDICOM == 
-'''Product:''' EBI XBRL software Edition. [http://www.edicom.es/xbrl/ http://www.edicom.es/xbrl/] 
---- ----

Current revision

In this part you can see XBRL Industry Solutions. You can see updated information about XBRL Industry Solutions at http://www.xbrl.es/informacion/herramientas.html

XBRL US maintains a good list of software and services which is located at: http://xbrl.us/vendors/Pages/default-expand.aspx.

Note that open source XBRL processors (processing engines) are listed on a separate page which is located here: http://www.xbrlwiki.info/index.php?title=Open_Source_and_XBRL



Product: FactsConverter. http://www.aguilonius.com/products/


Product: Altova MissionKit. http://www.altova.com/solutions/xbrl-tools.html

Allocation Solutions

Product: DataXchanger. http://www.allocationsolutions.com

Batavia Business Reporting

Product: Batavia XBRL Java Library 1. http://www.batavia-xbrl.com


Product: Benchmarking. http://www.caseware.com/products/benchmarking

Clarity Systems

Product: Clarity FSR. http://www.claritysystems.com/Product/XBRL.aspx


Product: Decimate - Taxonomy management/testing. [1]

Product: Magnify - XBRL document review. [2]

Product: Seahorse - XBRL for Eurofiling. [3]

Product: Seahorse - iXBRL conversion. [4]

Product: Sphinx - Business rules. [5]

Product: SpiderMonkey - Taxonomy editing. [6]

Product: True North - Validation & processing. [7]

Product: True North - XBRL formula processor. [8]

Product: Yeti - Taxonomy review. [9]

Coyote Reporting

Product: XBRL Runtime Engine. http://www.coyotereporting.com/products.html#runtimeengine

Product: XBRL Report Runner. http://www.coyotereporting.com/products.html#reportrunner

Product: XBRL Cloud. http://www.xbrlcloud.com/


Product: Xabra. http://www.xabratools.com

Ez-XBRL Solutions

Product: Ez-XBRL. http://www.ez-xbrl.com/ezxbrl.htm

Product: Ez-Inline. http://www.ez-xbrl.com/ezinline.htm


Product: Fujitsu Instance Creator. http://www.fujitsu.com/global/services/software/interstage/xbrltools/xbrlinscreate21.html

Product: Fujitsu Taxonomy Editor. http://www.fujitsu.com/global/services/software/interstage/xbrltools/xbrltaxedit21.html

Product: Fujitsu Validator for 2.1. http://www.fujitsu.com/global/services/software/interstage/xbrltools/xbrlval21.html

Product: Fujitsu Interstage XWand. http://www.fujitsu.com/global/services/software/interstage/xwand/

Hitachi Systems and Services

Products: XiRUTE Journalizing Engine. http://www.hitachi-america.us/supportingdocs/forbus/XBRL/XiRUTE_ENG_01-01_Journal.pdf

Products: Xinba® XBRL Reader and Analyzer. http://www.hitachi-america.us/supportingdocs/forbus/XBRL/Xinba_Brochure_06302005.pdf

Products: Hitachi Business Reporting Processor (HBRP). http://www.hitachi-america.us/supportingdocs/forbus/XBRL/HBRP_Data_Sheet.pdf

Products: XiRUTE Library for Microsoft .NET. http://www.hitachi-america.us/supportingdocs/forbus/XBRL/XiRUTE_ENG_01-02_Lib_2.pdf


Products: INVOKE XBRL Reader/Writer.

Products: INVOKE XBRL Designer.

Products: INVOKE Web portal Solutions.



Products: xfy. http://www.xfy.com


Products: FRx 6.7. http://www.frxsoftware.com


Products: iFile. http://www.neoclarus.com


Products: Hyperion Financial Reporting - XBRL Manager. http://www.oracle.com

Reporting Standard

Products: Reporting Standard. http://www.reportingstandard.com

Rivet Software

Products: Dragon Tag. http://www.rivetsoftware.com/Products/Dragon_Tag/Default.aspx

Products: Dragon View. http://www.rivetsoftware.com/Products/Dragon_View/Default.aspx

Products: Cross Tag. http://www.rivetsoftware.com/Products/CrossTag/Default.aspx

Products: Crossfire Analyst. http://www.rivetsoftware.com/Products/Crossfire/Default.aspx


Product: SavaNet XBRL Reader. http://www.savanet.net/AboutReader.aspx

Product: SavaNet XBRL Analyst. http://www.savanet.net/AboutAnalyst.aspx

Product: SavaNet Intaglio XBRL Publisher. http://www.savanet.net/Intaglio.aspx


Product: Financial Explorer.

Semansys Technologies

Product: Semansys XBRL Reporter. http://www.semansys.com/xbrl_reporter.html

Product: Semansys Taxonomy Builder. http://www.semansys.com/taxonomy_builder.html

Softpark 21 (India)

Product: ResearchPoint-XBRL - an automated XBRL tagging tool employing stnadard taxonomies. The platform is based on Windows (DotNet) desktop platform for XBRL file conversion and producing data output in multiple standard formats - XBRL, SQL and RDF. [10]

Product: Free XBRL Online - a web based service using ResearchPoint technology for both iXBRL (HMRC/U.K.) and XBRL. [11]

Product: Good Morning Research - serving to connect Investor Relations professionals with Analysts and investors this is a Free website repository for aggregating, posting and distributing XBRL files. It is also Sparql searchable and RDF/Sparql endpoint for XBRL data. [12]

Snappy Reports

Product: Snappy Reports XBRL. http://www.snappyreports.com


Product: Unity XFR with embedded support for XBRL http://www.trintech.com/cadency/completion/capabilities-of-completion/


Product: UBmatrix Report Builder Microsoft Office Edition. http://www.ubmatrix.com/products/report_builder.htm

Product: UBmatrix XBRL Taxonomy Designer. http://www.ubmatrix.com/products/taxonomy_designer.htm

Product: UBmatrix Enterprise Application Suite (EAS). http://www.ubmatrix.com/products/enterprise_application_suite.htm

Product: UBmatrix XBRL Processing Engine (XPE). http://www.ubmatrix.com/products/processing_engine.htm

XBI Software Inc: STP

Product: CovenantWise http://www.xbisoftware.com

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